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The Coastside Film Society exists:
  1. To provide a venue for the viewing of independent films, emphasizing works produced by local filmakers;
  2. To offer workshops in filmmaking skills of all types and levels;
  3. To encourage local film projects by society members.

Please note our spiffy new venue:

Coastside Senior Housing Adult Community Center

925 Main Street, Half Moon Bay, California 94019

Corner of Main and Arnold.
Enter on Arnold Way

Next Event: August 1, 2014

A Documentary that explores the effects of Modernization on China

A Documentary that explores the effects of Modernization on China
Missing Home is a documentary that explores modernization - specifically its effects on the culture & lives of people living in hutongs, Beijing’s ancient sprawling alleys.

Hutongs, which date to the Yuan Dynasty (1206-1341), have long been regarded as the heart and soul of Beijing. They are chock-a-block with family homes and crammed with countless small shops and restaurants, but are now disappearing at a prodigious rate as Beijing modernizes. It is estimated that 80% of these revered ancient alleyways have been plowed under in the last decade, displacing close to 580,000 souls. Few of the displaced residents have reaped the prosperity that was promised to accompany modernization –most face more economic struggles than ever before.

Although the loss of the historic architecture is significant, it is perhaps more important to note the loss of an ancient social network of neighbors and friends, of spirit & culture that have defined the way of life in Beijing for centuries of generations. A collective way of life is being edged out by sterile high-rises, which are rapidly inundating the spaces hutongs once filled. This displacement & replacement stands at the heart of an increasingly controversial dialogue about progress and modernization in China: How can the China of the future balance the preservation of culturally & historically significant traditions & sites, while building a global city?

Director Weimin Zhang will attend the screening and take questions from the audience.
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Scheduled Events

August 1, 2014
A Documentary that explores the effects of Modernization on China